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M&D Specialty Distribution (MDSD)

MDSD distributes specialty and other LDDs (Limited Distribution Drugs) to qualified institutional, hospital, and specialty retail pharmacies, covering a broad range of therapeutic classes. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service and personalized attention, MDSD offers best-in-class cold-chain distribution, protecting product integrity to its final destination.

MDSD is proficient at the unique handling requirements demanded by many specialty drugs. Our distribution center has specialized areas for handling chemotherapeutic, hazardous, and flammable products, as well as offering refrigerated (-8°C), freezer (-20°C), and ultra-cold (-80°C) storage options.

The MDSD difference

MDSD helps pharmacies with the handling and delivery of medicines safely, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. With exceptional pick/pack/ship performance and fill accuracy rates, MDSD makes sure you get the right product right when you need it.

Customers ordering from MDSD and Morris & Dickson have the advantage of combining orders for next-day delivery, up to six days a week. In addition to product mix and availability, M&D offers other competitive advantages.


Greater than 99% accuracy of orders line-picked.


Offering ultra-cold storage down to -80°C with specialized handling and delivery to assure cold-chain integrity.


MDSD continues to expand its offering of specialty class medications with year-over-year growth of 25%.

Specialty drugs and much more

Over 30,000 pharmaceuticals and healthcare SKUs are ready for next-day delivery. Our virtually hurricane- and tornado-proof facility also contains the largest single-site pediatric inventory in the U.S.

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Recognizing the importance and impact of the growing specialty products market, Morris and Dickson is committed to expanding the number of specialty products available through M&D Specialty Distribution.

Jody Hatcher, CEO — Morris & Dickson