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May 15, 2024

Morris & Dickson Employs Coldtainer and Aerosafe Containers for Climate-Controlled Medication Delivery.

Shreveport, Louisiana (May 15, 2024) — Morris & Dickson, a leading pharmaceutical distributor, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive medications to customer pharmacies. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company has implemented Coldtainer and Aerosafe containers to ensure the safe and precise delivery of climate-controlled medications.

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining the integrity of medications during transit is essential to safeguard their potency and efficacy. With the integration of Coldtainer and Aerosafe containers into its network, Morris & Dickson has established a new standard of excellence in medication delivery.

Coldtainers, a 12V refrigerating unit, are advanced containers equipped with sophisticated cooling systems designed to maintain consistent temperature levels throughout the transportation process. These specialized containers provide an ideal environment for shipping a wide range of temperature-sensitive medications, including vaccines, insulin, and biologics.

Complementing the use of Coldtainers, Morris & Dickson has also incorporated Aerosafe containers into its logistics operations. Engineered with state-of-the-art insulation materials and temperature control mechanisms, Aerosafe containers offer unparalleled protection for medications during air transportation, ensuring that they always remain within the required temperature range.

“We are excited to introduce Coldtainers and Aerosafe containers as part of our commitment to delivering excellence in pharmaceutical distribution,” said Paul Dickson Jr. Chief Operations Officer at Morris & Dickson. “These innovative containers represent a significant investment in ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications during transit, ultimately benefiting both our customers and the patients they serve.”

These containers include a temperature logger inside the container to track the temperature during the entire transit, which is above and beyond industry standards and requirements. Because the Aerosafe containers are reusable, this approach reduces wastage to landfills as do Coldtainers. Both technologies are more sustainable than Styrofoam ice chests which have been the go-to option for cold transport until now.

Morris & Dickson’s adoption of Coldtainer and Aerosafe containers reaffirms the company’s dedication to quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability in pharmaceutical distribution. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the company aims to provide its customers with peace of mind, knowing that their medications are handled with the utmost care and precision throughout the supply chain.

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