For over 2,600 individuals, Morris and Dickson’s M&D Web Portal is their instant access to web based ordering, accounts payable features, and a reporting system from which comprehensive data can be extracted and printed or downloaded with a click of a button.

With mdwebportal.net the user is able to view real time stocking information and place orders from any location that has access to the web. Morris and Dickson is unique in its web portal application by incorporating the hospital CDM number into its ordering process. Incorporating the CDM in the ordering process ensures contract /best utilization.

Web based functionality enables system-wide access to the supply channel. This access will improve processes, drive savings through standardization, reduce manual functions, improve compliance and provide data analysis tools for Administration.


Off-site locations and departments may be setup to order via the web. Processes to ensure compliance to formulary are built into this system with formulary lock options, which allow the end user to view only the items setup, by the administrator of the account. These orders can then be forced to the administrator (buyer) for review and substitutions, further more this process can be setup for Low Unit of Measure, enabling a reduction in inventory for these facilities.

Web based department ordering reduces manual processes, forces compliance to formulary, introduces structure and allows for further centralized control.


Morris & Dickson works in collaboration with our customer base in identifying contract opportunity areas. Morris & Dickson’s contract management services/reports provide a critical analysis of the current contract portfolio – which identifies the key drivers of drug costs. This comprehensive analysis provides the tools to ensure maximization of contract opportunities. Morris & Dickson’s contract management services/reports evaluate utilization and provide tools to assist the pharmacy in evaluating appropriate cost-effective medication use. Examples of services/reports include:

  • Market Share Maximization
  • Contract Portfolio Management
  • Manufacture unable to supply
  • Contract Opportunity Review
  • Contract Enhancement Strategies


Customers find ease in managing their accounts with online statements. Each figure on the statement provides detail by drilling down to invoice and then line item level. The complete statement as well as statement detail is also available as an Excel download.


Morris & Dickson web portal reporting capabilities provide system-wide access to pharmaceutical information. Reports are based on real time data and help to improve purchasing and management decisions. Examples of available reports include:

  • History Summary Report
  • On-line Statement/Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Backorder Status Report
  • Utilization Reports
  • Contract Summary Reports
  • Therapeutic Class Summary
  • Invoice utilization Reports
  • Invoice History Reports
  • Velocity Reports
  • Variance Report
  • Therapeutic Class Report
  • Therapeutic Class Variance
  • Generic Equivalence Report
  • Market Share Report
  • User item Reports
  • Contract Reports
  • Contract Compliance
  • Contract Change
  • Contract Pull Through
  • Contract Exceptions
  • Contract Performance
  • Contract Portfolio Review
  • Generic Utilization Report
  • Generic Equivalence
  • 80/20 – 12 Month Activity Report
  • Price Change Report
  • Back Order Report
  • Manufacturer Back Order Recovery


With Morris & Dickson’s software you can electronically create, approve, digitally sign, send, validate and report orders of Schedule II controlled substances.


  • Speeds delivery to next-day delivery terms
  • Speeds acknowledgment notification / increases product availability
  • Reduces paper
  • Reduces errors
  • Increases access to information
  • Increases accuracy
  • Increases contract compliance

M&D offers full backup capabilities – and our e222 capabilities are not limited to a single personal computer as are most competitive offerings. Combine M&D’s full backup capabilities with the e222 solution and you can be sure you are provided the best in security and compliance in one complete package.

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