Optimize workflow, streamline management and reduce costs

Specialty Pharmacy

Cervey’s Specialty Pharmacy Software is a versatile, web-based workflow engine that streamlines pharmacy operations and patient management, while reducing costs for hospital-based specialty pharmacies.

The solution includes a suite of tools that optimize the efficiency of your pharmacy by capturing potential patients while guiding staff workflow and data collection. Major areas of functionality include referral management, custom assessment documentation, benefit investigation and pre-adjudicated test claims.

M&D is proud to partner with its sister technology company, Cervey, to deliver this Specialty Pharmacy software solution.

Identify patients…and revenue potential

  • Increase revenues by fully capturing all potential patients before they’re lost to competitors. Use outreach tools to recover patients using other specialty pharmacies.

Harness real-time HL7 hospital EHR integration

  • including with EPIC, to identify potential patients in other sites of care based on target medications, patient data and diagnosis.

Determine eligibility and payment

  • Identify patient benefits using pre-adjudicated test claims. Coordinate benefits investigation with prior authorization and financial assistance support features.

Streamline workflow

  • Use a task- and queue-based approach to break down workflow into manageable pieces, streamlining overall operational and patient management.

Customize clinical protocols, questionnaires and assessments

  • to user preferences. Reduce staffing hours and potential FTEs.

Simplify order scheduling and prescription renewals

  • The solution’s order scheduling tools include delivery prep, questionnaires, scheduling, shipment and delivery. When a script is ready for renewal, it returns to the queue for reprocessing.

Meet accreditation and business partner reporting requirements

  • by automating collection, documentation and reporting of key patient data. Service delivery metrics open access to limited-distribution drugs that meet the needs of your patients.