Morris & Dickson Co., LLC is a full-line distributor of brand, generic, and specialty pharmaceuticals servicing the needs of independent retail pharmacies, alternate care entities and health systems. We also carry over-the-counter and home health products. We are committed to excellence in providing the key elements of supply chain management.

High fill rates, the accuracy of picking, repackaging of products in custom units of measure, and aggressive contract management are the foundations of our service. Upon this solid foundation stands a diverse array of technological solutions, each contributing to produce the best possible cost avoidance/elimination opportunity within the procurement and delivery process.

Our proven ability to interface with the broad range of pharmacy administration systems, medication dispensing systems, and other robotics-style technologies, have positioned Morris & Dickson as the catalyst in changing the landscape of supplier-provider relationships.

  • Full-Line Distributor
  • State of the Art Centralized Distribution Facility
  • High Service Levels / High Fill Rates
  • Excellent Contract Performance
  • High Individual Account Investment / Customization
  • Substantial Interfacing and Data Integration Abilities