CARES is a cutting edge software tool that helps clinics and hospitals successfully manage their prescription assistance programs. For over 15 years, it has enabled such facilities to benefit their local communities by aiding in the recovery of needed medications, reaching the people who need it most in a cost-efficient, user-friendly manner.

CARES automates and simplifies the process for providing prescription assistance services. It interfaces with most pharmacy software systems like Epic and Pioneer RX in a secure, HIPAA compliant setting. It is a customer based and driven software offering easily accessible initial and follow-up training as well as continual assistance, updates, and enhancements. Let us help you with this tool for serving this important segment of patient care.


Reduced initial start-up cost

  • No additional hardware and software must be purchased

Decentralized reporting and claims processing

  • Through conjoined databases that allow associated facilities to share data.

Program forms and medication

  • The program forms are proactively maintained daily by our local support staff.
  • Editable claim forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Data Retention / Reports

Advanced Report Capabilities

  • Claims History
  • Claims Pending
  • Claims Recovered
  • Customized Patient Notification Letters

Formulary Analysis and Queries

  • Program Drug Search
  • All Drug Search
  • Generic and Therapeutic Search Capabilities


  • Inventory Tracking for Prospective Environments

Acquisition Cost Based Reporting

  • Budget and Contract Negotiation
  • Ability to Run Recovery Reports on actual contract cost of drugs

Integration with Hospital Data

  • Import Files such as Dispensing and/or Charge Reports
  • Automatically Populate Patient Database
  • Detailed Instructions and Requirements Table

Guides the User through the Claims Process

  • Streamlines Prioritization
  • Gives Precise Instructions and Requirements per Application

Document Scanning

  • A central document scanning feature that makes documents available within the CARES network

Medical Supply Recovery

  • With the Cares software supplies are also able to be recovered. Such as: pacemakers, sutures, and various other medical supplies.


  • Pioneer RX
  • Epic

Secure, HIPAA compliant, data transmission.