“Morris & Dickson has established a solid reputation that distinguishes us from our competition. We understand that a reputation for the highest level of quality and service and visionary innovation must be constantly renewed.  We supply our customers with exactly what’s needed to provide their patients with the highest level of pharmaceutical care. We do so consistently, on time, at the right place and at the right price.”
Paul Dickson, President


Throughout its existence, independent pharmacy has been the model of individual commitment to hard work, responsibility to the people, and freedom to create a rich career whose reward is seen as a myriad of faces and lives made healthier thanks to a pharmacist who cares.

In more than 180 years of business, we have established ourselves as innovators working to create powerful relationships, which go beyond the traditional roles of supplier/customer.

From an 1841 Shreveport river-front warehouse to the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and procedures for distribution of pharmaceutical and associated products, M&D is making a difference in the lives of pharmacists and in the pharmaceutical business.

With a direct link between our customers, staff, and owners, we eliminate the layers of management and protocol that often encumber new development, direction and change. M&D is dedicated to change.

The Morris & Dickson Experience is just that—an experience with a pharmaceutical distributor who understands the needs of your environment.


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Learn about our family’s enduring Louisiana business.

An in-depth case study of a fiercely independent, privately owned firm that has evolved with its industry, triumphed over tragedy, and prospered over seventeen decades.

In 1932, one man’s will and wisdom rescued his family’s ninety-year-old business. Fifty years later, his son and grandsons forged anew an agile wholesale and distribution company able to hold its own against the biggest players in the industry.

How does Morris & Dickson Co. thrive while regional competitors disappear? Through a powerful mix of ideas and ideals: Innovation, initiative, integrity. Service. Discipline. And the kind of family spirit that enfolds every employee and draws out the best in each. It’s the M&D Way.